Somer Dive also offers you snorkeling and trekking trips with our new speedboat. If you wanna explore as much as you can but you don’t have so much time, join our daily speedboat trip to the Komodo National Park. Departure everyday at 7am.

We already selected 6 of the most famous destinations for your daily trip.


Early morning hike at the famous Padar Island with one of the most unique view in the world. From the top you will be spoilt with the three different colored beaches; black, white and pink.


Relaxing on a wonderful pink beach with crystal clear water. Or even some snorkeling is possible to do at the Pink Beach of Komodo Island.


Time for Jurassic Park. In Komodo Island you’ll visit the world largest Lizards on a hike (together with a Ranger) to see them in their natural habitat.


Taka Makassar is a long white sandy beach in the middle of the ocean. Great spot for snorkeling too.


Snorkeling with the gentle giants in one of the famous spots in Komodo National Park. Best time to see the Manta Rays is from October – March.


Beautiful shallow reef with plenty of green turtles. It is located in the beautiful bay of Siaba Besar.

These are the most common destinations in the Komodo National Park. For any other request or private charter please contact us.
We are more than happy to help you out with all your questions and requests.


Departure and Arrival:
We leave the harbor at 7am and are back around 4:30pm for our 6 destinations tour. Hotel pick up only if requested. Otherwise meeting point is the Office of Somer Dive at 6:50am.

What to bring:
The sun is really strong and we will spend a lot of time in the sun. So don’t forget to bring sunblock!, a hat, trekking shoes for a comfortable hike and we also kindly ask you to dress politely during the trekking on Padar and Komodo Island. For Komodo Island, you need to bring some money for the Ticket and Ranger. Anyway if you wanna buy some souvenirs it’s always good to have some cash with you. And last but not least, don’t forget to bring your camera! 🙂

What’s included:
In the price of IDR 1.450.000 is included: Snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, fins, life jacket) Snacks, fruits, lunch, water, coffee, tea Tour Guide The only thing which is excluded is the Ticket & Ranger fee at Komodo Island.

Overview of prices:
National Park entrance fees are from Monday to Saturday
IDR 150.000
National Park entrance fees on Sunday and Public holiday
IDR 225.000
Komodo or Rinca Island entrance and trekking fees
IDR 105.000
Ranger ticket for max. 5pax
IDR 85.000
Snorkeling fee
IDR 15.000
Total of fees:
Monday to Saturday
IDR 350.000
Sunday/Public Holidays
IDR 425.000